Our Story

We firmly believe that ‘Every tail has a story’. The name ‘Tailtale’ itself has a story built into it. Although we lost our tails long ago in the process of evolution, we are still left with our story. Tailtale started off with the idea that the best products are made with passion and perfected over many hours of research and attention.

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The Tailtale brand has entered the market to make available quality pet food made out of the best of ingredients, that are pesticide and chemical free and most naturally available, processed and packed hygienically and lab tested for nutritional efficacy. The company follows sustainable practices and is very conscious of the environment in which it operates.

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Our Process

An FSSAI standard, hygienic kitchen churns out organic and free-range food. So, even on a dog day afternoon, you can give your pet fresh food, sourced from local farmers, free from preservatives. Secure in the knowledge that every tasty titbit has been extensively lab tested for safety and nutritional value, ensuring health and longevity for your pet. So its bite is as happy as its bark!

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