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Why choose TailTale ?

Because the bulk of pet food available in the market is made with the intention of a profit motive and by using by-products coming out of the supply chain of human food manufacturing and with no standards in place and no rules and regulations governing what goes into every morsel of our furry friends, it has virtually been a free for all.

Our Range


The ingredients we use in our products are unlikely to cause any sort of allergic reaction to your furry family.


Real, Authentic And Transparent.
We will serve you the best human quality food and each ingredient is
recognizable and easy to understand
without any BI- Products, Fillers Or Artificial Additives.


The quality of the food with us has nothing to hide and is of human quality which is lab tested for both caninesas well as human


Nutritionally balanced meals with fresh human grade local ingredients sourced straight from farmers. Assuring you a
farm to fur experience for your dogs.

Don't believe us ? take a bite and find out !!!


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Safe enough for you to take a bite
because its made from human-grade ingredients

Don't Take Our Word For It

Hear What Are Our TAIL TAIL Tribe Have To Say

"My fur-babies are my ‘jaan’ and for them nothing but the best will do! So we picked healthy humanised treats from Tailtale. These are hand crafted, nutritionally balanced, hyper allergenic, Vet approved and Chef produced goodies made with love and delicious to eat!! My trio of Shih tzus can hear the cylindrical box open from miles and can’t stop begging for more. And I don’t feel guilty letting them gorge as I know that they are made from all natural ingredients. Believe me when I say they are tasty as I have tried them and Mommy knows best!!"

Preeti Maurya

Duplo is always able to recognize his Meals and Treats from the website and gets very excited even with pictures so imagine how much he looks forward to his weekly TailTale deliveries.

Raghav Agarwal