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Barnyard Millet

Millets are our base for all our Ready-to-Eat meals which is an excellent Grain-Free way of introducing Carbohydrates into your canines diet while keeping it light on their stomach. Barnyard Millets are nutritious, non-glutinous (non-sticky) and are not acid-forming foods, making it an obvious Healthy solution. Using barnyard millet also helps us support the local farmers of Southern India and keep alive an ancient grain!

Rolled oats & Steel Cut Oat flour

oats have protein and fiber which makes it good for dogs that may have some digestive concerns. It has zero calories making it a great choice for dogs that may need to lose a few pounds.

Moringa Leaves

This is a superfood for dogs, jam-packed with anti-oixidents, it helps prevent your dogs from getting sick, and in the long run, prevent any occurrence of health issues. Currently, moringa is used to helps assist with pet ailments like obesity, digestive problems, cancer, as well as diabetes. Yellow Pumpkin is a super food for dogs. It contains essential micro nutrients and fiber that make it a very nutritious treat and also helps to remove excess water in a dog's digestive tract.

Free- Range Country Chicken

Feeding your dog a fresh, human-grade diet can lead to a shinier coat, hydrated skin, and healthy bones. Dogs with dental issues, sensitive stomatchs, or special dietary needs can benefit from a chicken-based diet. Although we take the extra step to ensure the chickens that we use only Free-range chickens. They are chickens raised in a free environment where they have the freedom to roam around wherever they want, compared to being caged up. This in turn makes the meat taste better, have a higher protein content as well as are hormone and additive free!

Peanut Butter (Xylitol free)

Dogs love Peanut butter and it is an excellent source of protein, good fats,and honestly is delicious!- although an all natural sweetener called Xylitol ,safe for humans can be extremely deadly for a dogs blood sugar level. Our in-house made penutbutter is free of sugars and any additives.

Free Range Eggs

Eggs are a great treat for a dog they are high in protein, fatty acids, vitamins but an egg is only as good as the chicken it came from, thats why we use only free range eggs which are 1/3rd the time less in cholesterol and encourage farmers to give the chicken a better life!


Turmeric is safe for dogs in small quantities. You may even find it listed as an ingredient on your dog's food label. Its purpose is to enhance the colour and/or flavor of a meal.

Brown rice flour

A great hypoallergenic grain flour that is made from finely ground brown rice and is rich in fiber with a light texture, this flour does not have a strong smell making it great for picky dogs and is light on the stomach too!


Mint, Basil and Oregano is healthy and safe for your dogs to eat in small quantities and they can enjoy all its amazing health benefits. It's anti-inflammatory and may help calm your dog's upset stomach or ease digestion problems. It contains vitamin A, C, potassium, zinc, and other essential minerals. It can improve your dog's overall health, freshen breath and can be used as a flea repellent.