Our Story

We firmly believe that ‘Every tail has a story’. The name ‘Tailtale’ itself has a story built into it. Although we lost our tails long ago in the process of evolution, we are still left with our story. Tailtale started off with the idea that the best products are made with passion and perfected over many hours of research and attention.

Tailtale is probably India's first modern, all-natural and humanised pet food retail brand promoted by Gunsam Foods Private Limited in December 2018, with a mission to redefine pet food retailing in the country by delivering premium products and best-in-class customer service, through a hygienic and convenient brand.

Now, finally quality humanised canine food is available in India so our pets really have something to talk about. Especially, if that food comes from the kitchens of Tailtale. A company with roots in the food industry for 25 years, a staff with rich culinary knowledge and an obsession for conservation of the environment. With Tailtale, your pet can happily chew on a bone of no contention.