Our Products

The Tailtale brand has entered the market to make available quality pet food made out of the best of ingredients, that are pesticide and chemical free and most naturally available, processed and packed hygienically and lab tested for nutritional efficacy. The company follows sustainable practices and is very conscious of the environment in which it operates.

Well, if anyone says Tailtale food is fit for royals, they will not be off the mark. Every product that comes out from our kitchens, smacks of high quality and total safety. That is why they are both safe and wholesome. While science leads us to follow generalised facts, nature guides us in the products that we put together and the value that we dedicate towards health and well-being. Each one of our products is a fine balance of proteins, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, to keep your precious pet healthy and active. And, for those who are not comfortable with meat, we offer excellent vegetarian options too!