Everything you always wanted to know but where too legal, decent and honest to ask!

Yes, Tail Tale meals are right for all dogs! Each meal is made with fresh ingredients and packed to ensure that your dog gets the essential nutrition. They are professionally crafted, human-grade wholesome meals which are right for dogs of all ages and weights. These preservative free, tasty fresh food will not only keep your dog healthy and happy but also keep you at ease knowing the ingredients you are feeding your dogs are of the best quality. We also provide the option of vegetarian meals. 

According to research, about 80-90% of food prepared at home do not contain all the nutrition that
is required by your dog. They are not considered balanced meals for your dogs as they do not
contain the right amount of proteins, vitamins, minerals and amino acids – all of which are critical
for the health of your pet. Therefore, if you are preparing home cooked meals for your dogs, we
would require you to look up the nutritional requirements essential for your dogs. Tail Tale,
however, does provide a more convenient, hassle free and tasty way to ensure your dog gets the
vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are required for its health on a daily basis.

Tail Tale provides professionally-cooked, wholesome meals using human grade ingredients with
no preservatives, additives and by-products, which are great for your pet’s overall health, energy
levels, and long life. The most visible changes in your dogs when switching to Tail Tale meals are:
• Shinier coat and healthier skin
• Increase in energy levels
• Better weight management
• More excited and pleasurable meal times
• Reduced shedding
• Reduced bad breath

Yes! Each food pack form Tail Tale is formulated to ensure that your dog receives the right
quantity, calorific and nutritional requirement in every meal.

Our fresh food packs come in two sizes - 250g and 500g. Depending on the size and weight of
your dog, you can choose the size of the pack your dog would require. Each meal pack should
contain the exact amount that you should feed your dog in every meal, and therefore constitute a
complete packet.
You will find a ‘feeding guide’ on our site to give you an indication.

Tail Tale meals are easy to serve. Take them out of the freezer and put them in the microwave.
Alternately, take your meal pack from the freezer and keep it in the refrigerator compartment of
your fridge overnight to ensure it has deforested. The meal should be served at room temperature
or slightly warm.

Tail Tale meal packets should be stored in the freezer. As these meals are freshly prepared,
packed and blast frozen, not keeping them at the right temperature can result in their getting spoilt.

Tail Tale meals are freshly made and contain no additives or preservations. We would encourage
you to store the meals in the freezer for not more than 3 months. We recommend that you order
the pack every 10-15 days. If we don’t eat leftover food lying in our fridge, why should our dogs! It
also gives you and your dog a chance to experiment with our various meals!

You can warm the meal for your dogs either by placing the packet in boiling water for 1 minute or
take the food out in a micro safe container - microwave the packet in ‘thaw / de-frost’ mode as per
your microwave oven. Make sure that you stir the contents after thawing the pouch. Before serving,
make sure the food has been evenly heated and is not too hot for your dog.

We strongly recommend that you serve your Tail Tale meals as individual meals and not as top-
ups. Tail Tale meals are formulated as whole meals and designed to provide complete nutrition.
You can give these meals along with your dog’s existing meals.

Yes! If your baby does not like the taste of one of our meals, you can replace it with one of the
other recipes in the next order. We want your dog to enjoy every bite of its Tail Tale meal!

We use the best quality ingredients and provide a ‘clean label’ with every meal pack so you can be
comfortable knowing what you are feeding your dog. We would still recommend that you inform
your vet about a change in the meal plan for your dog to ensure that your pet is not allergic to any
of the ingredients. While informing the vet please do mention that Tail Tale meals are prepared
using fresh human grade ingredients, freshly cooked in small batches and packed in food grade
vacuum packets. They contain no preservatives, by-products, artificial flavours or chemicals.

We would advise you to transition your dog slowly to a new diet from an existing one. For the first 2
weeks, give your dog small portions of Tail Tale meals during the day, while continuing with the
existing meal for the evening meal. Once your dog’s stomach adjusts to the fresh home cooked
meal, after 2 weeks, shift to it completely.

Yes, however, we are only delivering fresh food in Chennai. We are delivering our delicious
handcrafted, preservative-free dog treats all over India.

As each pack if freshly prepared, packed and frozen, it will spoil if not kept at the right temperature
for a long time.

You can please an order on our ‘online’ store – OR mail us at sales@tailtale.co.in or call /
whatsapp us on (+91) 9384676260.

You can make a payment through an online bank transfer or through cash on delivery.

Subscription plan- I like this format

Yes! To start your subscription plan we would request you to make the complete payment for the plan.
One-time payment is a more convenient option for you as your deliveries will not stop due to non-
recipient of payment.

No! Your plan will get renewed automatically at the end of each plan. The same plan will get renewed
till you inform us about a change in plan. We would be informing you to make the payment as soon as
the plan gets renewed, to continue with deliveries.

To change or cancel your subscription of plan, mail us at  info@furrmeals.com  or call 97173 64906. You
will get a confirmation call and the plan will changed accordingly.

We will need a maximum of one week’s lead time to deliver. However, if there is an urgent
requirement, please do speak to us and we will do our best to accommodate you earlier.